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LET IT GROW - Part 1: Wild Daisy

LET IT GROW - Part 1: Wild Daisy

Don’t you love spotting the first sign of spring? You can smell fresh leaves and flowers burst out of trees branches. You can hear birds singing and see butterflies dancing. Spring is growing seasons; this is a time to saw seeds and grow plants.

You may also spot many lives swathing out of lawns, park and grasslands, Wild Daisy, Dandelion and Stinging Nettle are mostly common seen. Many people trying to get rid these resistant “weeds” from their green grass. I was one of them! I once rewarded my children to collect hundreds of uninvited dandelions and exchanged for pocket money, until I found out these so called “weed” are actually edible and are the plant packed with medicinal properties?

Now, I am the one collecting these “weed” when they pop up in my garden or in forest near my house. I collect them and use for infused oil, tincture, balm, cream and cooking.  They are truly FREE medicine from nature! Click below to read the full article about the great products you can easily make from the Wild Daisy. 

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