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    100% natural ingredients and powers from Essential Oils

    Enjoy the incredible properties in relevant daily products - made to improve our busy lives!

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    Body Butters

    Moisturizes and nourishes the skin with therapeutic properties for your body and mind.

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    Wellness Rollers

    Aromatherapy in a convenient bottle. Take it with you anywhere, use it anywhere.

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    Lotion Bar

    Now, apply your lotion from a bar

    100% handcrafted in Denmark
    100% natural

    100% natural

    TRUESSENCE applies methods from aroma therapy into natural products of essential oils, offering you a healthier way of living every day. We capture the powers of natural essential oils and make them relevant for our hustling days and busy lives.

    100% quality

    100% quality

    Essential oils play a big role in our product lines and we work directly with big and small distillers who operate sustainably. They support local community development, for example, our Frankincense and Myrrh are from a distillers who support Somaliland Solar Wells Project, making our cooperation with them more meaningful.

    For the batches we buy, we receive a Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry report (GC/MS) to ensure the quality and purity. For essential oils to have a therapeutic effect, they must be pure plant extracts. No one can tell the purity of essential oils from its aroma, so GC/MS is the best measure to ensure purity and quality in order to control that the oils arefrom the identified plant genus and species, and whether the oils are pure.

    Our body butters are safe as attained in the European Cosmetic Product Safety Report.