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What is the difference between Body Butter and Body Lotion?
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This is a question we get frequently. Majority of lotion ingredients contains aquatic substances, like water, which requires preservatives to avoid growth of microbes and bacteria. Body butter is butter/was base that is naturally skin nourishing. It does not contain any liquid, so no preservative is used. Body butter stay on skin for a longer time than lotion, it forms an occlusive layer on top of skin to prolong the moisture and avoid skin dehydration.

What is the difference Body Butter and Body Oil?
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Body butter is the combination of solid and liquid oil that will give multiple levels of moisturizing to the skin. Body oil is purely liquid oils.

Does Body Butter give a greasy feeling?
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Our special formulation will not give greasy feeling, it takes less than 5 minutes for the butter to be absorbed. After that you will enjoy a silky feeling on your skin.

What is the Wellness Roller?
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Wellness roller consists of different essential oils that have therapeutic effects. It is diluted with carrier oil so it is ready to use to treat various issues. Wellness roller are among the handiest things when it comes to quick and easy aromatherapy at home. Perfect companion for your daily needs. Slip into your pocket or bag and take it with you whenever you go. Use it when you are not yourself!