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Our Story

TRUESSENCE uses the methods from aromatherapy and turn them into affordable self-care wellness products. This provides for a healthier way of living every day. We capture the incredibly effective powers of natural essential oils and make them relevant and convenient in our hustling days and busy lives.

Lisa Lin Halskov, the innovative mind of TRUESSENCE, is an Aromatherapist certified by National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy in the USA. She also studied Organic Cosmetics at the Science School Formula Botanica from England. Her passion for the astonishing natural ingredients is reflected through her 100% handmade products. She comes from a family who believes strongly in taking control of our bodies. Essential oils are playing a vital role in her life.

TRUESSENCE is for you to better your lifestyle using the natural ingredients from Mother Earth. With many years of experience, the understanding for the importance of health and helping others has brought us to where we are now. Our mission is to inspire and improve wellness in the mind, body and soul of each individual that joins the TRUESSENCE family.