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Mugwort & Patchouli
Mugwort & Patchouli
Mugwort & Patchouli
Mugwort & Patchouli

Mugwort & Patchouli

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Great for everyday use, extra dry hands, and irritated skin. This lotion bar is excellent for dry, flaky skin and skin prone to Eczema.

Feature ingredients : Mugwort

What exactly is mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)? Well, it sounds like a  magic element in “Harry Potter” series. Mugwort, otherwise known as Artemisia Vulgaris or common wormwood. It is a root-based perennial plant that has been used by ancient cultures for centuries.

Ancient Chinese medicine use mugwort leaves that are formed into a short stick or cone and burned over the points of acupuncture, which inhibits the release of energy and circulate blood by creating a warming effect on the acupuncture site.

In Korea, mugwort is used mainly as a medicinal herb for its antibacterial, antifungal and protective skin properties. It’s used in traditional baths for its detoxifying properties, but also in infusions to help with digestion. It’s also a common plant used in traditional Asian cooking recipes.

When it comes to Mugwort, nothing is wasted. Every part of the plant can be used, from the flowering tops and leaves, down to the earthy roots. It is a super ingredient stand along for nourishing creams, dried herbs, smudge sticks and teas.

Mugwort is a powerful ingredient mainly composed of β-pinene, α-pinene, camphor, and 1,8-cineole, has diverse applications including as an antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, food flavouring, and insect repellent.

New research proved that mugwort extract not only helps with redness, itchiness of skin, swelling but also has anti-aging properties. Mugwort soothes, heals, and nourishes the skin, helping treat redness, psoriasis, and other skin sensitivities.  It is also packed with antioxidants and vitamin E that help protect and nourish the skin barrier.

Ingredients: organic cocoa butter, beeswax, mugwort infused olive oil, avocado oil. Essential oil blends: patchouli, clary sage, lemon oil. Vitamin E.

Direction: rub the lotion bar between your hands or massage it directly on the dry skin area like elbows, knees, heels. Body temperature melts the bar.  The nourishing oils leave the skin feeling soft, silky and protected.

Packed in a reusable tin, very handy to bring with you. Great for traveling and long distant flights. Avoid eye area. Keep lotion bar away direct heat and sunlight.