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Lotion Bar

What is a lotion bar?

Lotion bars are “lotions in solid form” at room temperature. Truessence lotion bars are made of natural skin-loving moisturizing plant oils and butter, enhanced with wild green infused oil like Elderflower, Dandelion, Nettle, Mugwort and Calendula. Each of these plants have a long history for promoting skin health. Our lotion bars do not contain any liquids; therefore no preservatives are added.
The lotion bars create a unique moisture barrier to help heal dry, irritated, and cracked skin. When rubbing between your hands, your body temperature melts a small amount of bar, creating a unique moisture barrier and quick absorption into skin, leaving your skin feeling soft, silky and protected.
Our lotion bar is packaged in a reusable metal tin, a handy item to bring along wherever you go. It is convenience for travelling (to bring on board) and a great gift for those who work hard with their hands and wash their hands often.
Used daily, one bar can last for several months.

Preserve natural wild – wild green infused oil

Infused oils, also called macerated oils, are carrier oils that have been used as solvent to extract the therapeutic properties of a certain plants. Infusing oils is a great way of extracting many of the plant’s properties.

Infused oil vs essential oil

You may wonder why to bother making infused oil when there are essential oils. Well, it is important to know that not all the plants can be extracted by distillation, only the plants with smaller molecules using distillation method, and not all plants yield essential oil. Essential oil is also far more potent and stronger than infused oil and should always be diluted when using them topically. Infused oil are prepared by using a fixed oil, any kinds of carrier oil and combining it with fresh or dried plant material and letting it steep or macerate for a few weeks. Maceration softens the matrix of the plant and helps to release volatile oil of the plant, mixing them into the carrier oil. Great skin healing plants like Comfrey, St. John’s Wort, Nettle, Dandelion, Elderflower, Calendular and Plantain are good for infused oil. Infused oil can be applied topically or internally.
TRUESSENCE have self-production of all the infused oil with organic herbs: Elderflower (and Berry), Nettle, Dandelion and Mugwort.